Sustainable Visitor Tips

Welcome to the LEED® GOLD Certified David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Get to know our intelligent facility by exploring the South Terrace, our roof top garden & native plant boxes, and hiking the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

It takes everyone to preserve our LEED® GOLD Certification.  Your efforts would be appreciated.

  • Use the individual recycling containers, including compostables
  • Take the stairs when possible
  • Turn the lights off if you are the last one out of the meeting room
  • Dress in layers to maximize comfort in the DLCC
  • Take advantage of public transportation while in Pittsburgh, if possible
  • Use our electric vehicle charging Station, if needed
  • Utilize our bike racks to park your bicycle 
  • Download the app to discover real-time parking availability, if driving
  • Walk to downtown restaurants, hotels, and attractions, if exploring the city