Sustainable Exhibitor Tips

When deciding the exhibit booth materials for your show, there are key components to consider:

  • Contact a Pittsburgh printer to print environmentally-friendly pamphlets, handouts, and banners, thus reducing transportation emissions.
  • Compare recycled contents of promotional items and booth materials before purchasing.
  • Look at your cleaning products label — is it green certified?

During Move-in, Use:

  • Large blue recycle dumpsters on the exhibit floor for trash.
  • Cloth table throws to protect your display tables and carpeting. Avoid visqueen.
  • Layered clothing for comfort. Since the large movable doors are open, we are unable to regulate the temperatures of the Halls.

During the Show, Use:

  • Large trash receptacles (trash, paper, cans/bottles) in g1 areas located on the show floor for large volumes of trash.
  • Levy Convention Centers' locally-grown food options for your booth catering.
  • Virtual company information for potential clients, thus reducing the number of printed materials.

During Move-out, Use:

  • Large blue recycle dumpsters located in the exhibit hall for all trash including wood pallets.
  • Donate extra product to local charities or schools instead of shipping back materials. Contact the Show Event Manager for more details.
  • Starch-based, biodegradable packing peanuts for shipping. These peanuts dissolve in water, are non-toxic and can be composted.
  • Biodegradable cellulose available for shrink-wrapping. Polystyrene, plastic wrapping and bubble wrap should be avoided.
  • Biodegradable string (ie: cotton, sisal, jute), avoiding plastic.

If extra booth giveaway items are not being shipped back to your office, contact DLCC event manager for the items to be donated to a Pittsburgh charity.