Sustainable Operating Features

From Steel to Sustainable

LEED® GOLD Certification is much more than recycling the traditional items of plastics, aluminum, glass, cardboard, paper, newspaper and wood. We also recycle the “not-so” traditional items of batteries, sod, water and food. To operate at the highest level of sustainability:

We are equipped with and monitor:

  • a waste water reclamation plant
  • a natural ventilation system
  • a building automation system for monitoring thermostats, light sensors, air intakes, and other controllable systems

We purchase:

  • Recyclable products and goods
  • Indigenous plants for landscaping
  • 57% post-consumer recycled hand towels
  • 50% post-consumer toilet tissue

We use:

  • aquifer water in cooling towers and cleaning
  • low or no-volatile organic compounds (VOC) in paints, carpeting, adhesives and sealants
  • automatic, green-certified dilution system
  • china and cloth, whenever possible
  • biodegradable, organic plates, flatware and paperware

Our food service provider, Levy Convention Centers, donates leftover food and composts unconsumed food & kitchen waste. Since 2005, Levy has maintained North Terrace garden boxes to grow the freshest herbs and vegetables.

With the strong building operation in place, our administration staff is also committed to sustainability and a healthy environment by using:

  • excerise balls at work stations
  • recycled clipboards pencils, wooden pens, mousepads, office products
  • stapleless staplers, solar-powered calculators, ceramic mugs and glass cups
  • 30% post-consumer recycled copier paper

The DLCC’s sustainability team meets on a regular basis to explore new practices.