Building Overview

Designed by Rafael Viñoly, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center boasts the largest column-free exhibit hall in the U.S. which is 236k gross square feet.

Pittsburgh also enjoys an international reputation for its world-class art collections at The Carnegie Museum of Art, the Andy Warhol Museum and the Frick Art Museum. While at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, enjoy the twenty-five works of art which celebrates the City’s diversity.

Owner: Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

Management: ASM Global

Architect: Rafael Vinoly Architects, P.C.

Project Cost: $375 million

Public Art: $2 million – 25 works

Land Size: 7.9 acres

Building Size: 1.5 million square feet

Total Exhibit Space: 313,400 square feet

Column-Free Exhibit Space: 236,900 square feet

Number of Meeting Rooms: 53 (51 meeting rooms; two 250-seat lecture halls)

Total Meeting Room Space: 77,952 square feet

Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom Space: 31,610 square feet (32-foot high ceiling)

Internet Access: 1G (1024MB) along with a 100Mbps redundant copper circuit — wired/wireless Internet throughout the Convention Center — maintained through showNets.

Preferred A/V: Three Rivers Entertainment

Lighting: 75% natural daylight

Ventilation: Naturally ventilated halls, individually controlled thermostats

Loading Docks: 37

Parking Garage: 700 – 8'1" clearance

Food Service Provider: Levy Convention Centers

Distinctive Features: LEED ® Certification: LEED® Gold Certified, New Construction (NC) and LEED® Platinum Certified, Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance (EBOM).  APEX/ASTM, Venue - Level II Certified, LEED® Gold Certified, Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance (EBOM).

Outdoor Space:

  • Riverfront Plaza: 1,300 ft of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail featuring over 2,000 trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials.
  • Green Roof, South Terrace: 20,000 sqft of living roof located on the third floor, cityside, featuring over 7,000 perennial, grasses, and sedum.
  • North Terrace: 60,000 sqft of open outdoor space located on the fourth floor, riverside, featuring Levy Convention Centers' herb and vegetable gardens, monarch waystation, edible plants, medicinal plants and pollinator plants.